Wednesday, 8 October 2008

2litre Mazoe goes for 4 US Dollars

Harare (ZimEye) As the Zimbabwean dollar plunged into yet another spiral terrain, supermarkets began pegging prices in both Zim dollar and US dollar values on their shelves, a new move after the Reserve Bank governor relaxed foreign currency regulations. Many Supermarkets were seen placing US Dollar price tags to their shelves on Thursday.
'The situation is unbearable and really insane' said one Alan Matombo of Warren Park 1 in Harare.
Who can afford such exaggeration?
He shouted as he gave his account after coming from a local supermarket in the township of Warren Park.,
The Zimbabwean Dollar has become so scarce that the US dollar has become the virtual Zimbabwean currency in in the recent months.

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