Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mugabe comes out joyful and smiling after deal signing

Robert Mugabe came out of Rainbow Tours Hotel grinning and smiling as Thabo Mbeki announced that a deal has now been struck and as speculation that Mugabe has been given the green leaf to remain in power began to settle down people's throats on Thursday eve.

'The rest of the world needs to respect that the Zimbabwean people have taken their own decision about the future of their own country and people, and the rest of us who are foreigners need to respect what the people of Zimbabwe have said and think...' South African President Thabo Mbeki said emphatically without going into detail.

Mr Mbeki went on to point that the deal which had already been signed today would be sealed and officially released on Monday the 15th November.

Asked by one journalist if the deal proposal had been a brainchild of the African Union, Mr Mbeki replied.

'We have never received any proposal of any kind from the African Union about these negotiations organically... there have never been any such thing...'

Mr Mbeki also denied the allegations speculated in the media that South Africa had come under any pressure or threats to the effect of South Africa loosing the 2010 FIFA World Cup bid which South Africa is hosting. He said that South Africa has always been involved in the problems of Zimbabwe since 1998 when the problems started.

'The document which the principals signed today and will seal on Monday the 15th November will be released on that day'

The signed deal was also said to have been unanimously agreed by all the parties and Mbeki expressed satisfaction to it.

Mr Tsvangirai had wanted Mugabe to be reduced to the level of a ceremonial President while he would gain executive powers to govern. However, as both parties went out of the meeting on Thursday, it was clear with a smiling Mugabe that Tsvangirai had not won this demand.

The MDC leader came out of Rainbow Tours confirming to journalists that he now has a deal but would by no means nor in any way go into the details - ZimEye

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